Why I walked out of my college class and didn't turn back.

by Hugo Lopez

What's the success formula everyone tells you growing up? The formula that the majority of people do. The formula that gets you a job, stability and a set plan for retirement..... 

Go to school + get good grades + graduate = job and a secured future. In fact if you get even better grades and graduated from an even better school and your job gets better and better. This formula worked very well back in the 50's. Actually it worked really well for a while. Back when the internet wasn't around. When digitizing and outsourcing jobs to cheaper labored countries was a thing. In fact it was such a good formula that the last generation that that truly benefited from it is finally retiring and reaping the full benefits.

...... That was back then. Unfortunately today that formula has created a system where it is actually failing the people that use it. Students today are graduating with more debt than ever before (student debt is in the trillions), and are finding it harder and harder to find a job that has anything to do with their major. I can't tell you how many times I've seen college graduates work at an office job that has nothing to do with their major. Or they are at Starbucks just working there until they pay off their student loan or waiting for the opportunity for a good career job to pop up that they can apply for using their diploma. I saw all of that, I saw the system failing again and again, I saw how expensive school was getting, and I saw the misery employees had once they got that job where half of their income was going to paying off that piece of good looking paper that said you were able to read, memorize and spit the info back out (Diploma). 

I saw all of that and decided to do something about it. My second semester transferring to a 4 year I couldn't take it anymore and I decided to walk out. Yes I decided to leave school and take a chance on myself. That entrepreneurship spirit pushed me to do something that was against everything that had been told to me throughout the years......and I couldn't be more satisfied that I did. I walked out and started doing what I loved to do and what was my passion. I got my real estate licence (not very impressive everyone and their mother has one), but that led me to get more involved with real estate investing. That lead to surrounding myself with other investors and found an investment community with a background in Financial EDUCATION. Yes! Education! Instead of learning what the terms of Communication studies were and what I needed to memorize for the midterm, I learned how to pay less in taxes (simple you just follow what the tax code says.....Have a business!!!!!), I learned how to boost my credit score 100 points. I learned a financial tool that helps pay off a loan in ⅓ of the time and save about half in interest. Imagine paying off your mortgage in 7 years and saving yourself tens of thousands. Not only was I learning them but i was applying them as well. 
The investor community opened doors to media and I'm in the process of having my own radio show in Sacramento. I will use what I learned there to start my own media company. Every time I open a door of opportunity and take advantage of it another one seems to open up. 

Now this may seem like an awesome lifestyle but I guarantee you it was not handed to me. I grinded, and grinded hard. As a matter of fact I know I could have worked even harder and smarter. The good thing about entrepreneurship is that when fail or don't meet your expectations, you just work on being better. Keep trying until you make it to the top. I saw that what you put in is what you get out. If you have a business and you give 100 percent of effort and yourself into it, it will give you 100 percent back. In college if you do that you get awesome grades and probably gets you on the honor roll. Doesn't guarantee you a good job. 
Please don't think I am against education. In fact I think someone should never stop learning. Growing up I was all about education, I got good grade, graduated highschool with a 3.25, community college with a 3.0 GPA. I was extremely involved in sports and student government. I went an extra year to community college and I was elected Student Body President and a member of the Board of Trustees. You don't do that if you are anti school. I just realized that the education system was flawed got out. 

I am beyond proud of what I've done and do feel glad I walked out of Comms 121, Statistical Communications , and just went for it. Because that is what being an entrepreneur is all about, taking chances. I don't want seem like I'm showing of for what I've done, but I want to show that you don't have to follow the system that everybody else is doing. That you can Zig while everyone else Zags. If you feel trapped weather in that job you hate, or in school like I did, my best and only advice is to bet on yourself and just DO IT. The world is changing rapidly and the old way of doing things will get left behind. Get ahead of it