What the FICO® Happened?

by Pat Walley

That word haunted me for years. I made some mistakes and poor choices in how I paid my debt and did I ever pay the price! When I applied for security clearance in 2001, the word I heard was:
Yes, I was employed, making decent money, but my credit was a disaster! That one thing, my lousy credit profile hindered me from advancing at work as well as qualifying for a home, a car loan or even getting a credit card.
I was looking at a sub-500 FICO® score wondering how I was ever going to get back to my pristine credit profile.

Credit Repair was expensive and remember, I could not qualify for any kind of REAL credit card. 
Every time I even got near a bank or lender, that ugly word DENIED would flash through my mind and I would run the other way.

So there I was, divorced with current and delinquent child support, repo'd car, renting out a guys basement, multiple charge-offs and collections and no idea how to rebuild. I literally would tell collectors when they called to get in line. Out of desperation I started using payday loans. OH BOY WAS THAT A NIGHTMARE!

Sound Familiar? 
The good thing was that nobody wanted to steal my identity :-)

This is where I was when I started my climb out of the hole I had dug.

So how did I raise my FICO® from below 500 to over 750?

It wasn't easy and it did take time. I fixed my credit, raised my score, and changed my life.

Then, I started a company to help others do the same

Let us help you regain your credit life and dignity.

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