52 Videos over 52 weeks

There is nothing else like it in the community. designed by jon robert quinn, this package takes your business and markets it directly to the people who matter most, your "circle".

If you sat down with everybody in your social media network and asked them what you do for a living, 40-60% of those people wouldn't know exactly what you do. If you're in real estate, your friends most likely have somebody else they would go to. Why is this? The answer stems from basic marketing 101. 

Marketing works because of 2 elements. Frequency and Reach. How many people can you reach and how many times can you reach them... and what most people don't think about, how many different ways can you consistently reach those people over and over?

Where most businesses run into a problem with their marketing, which ultimately affects their results, they are trying to reach as many people as they can within the constraints of their budget and aren't thinking about the repetition needed to get the message to the audience. If that doesn't make sense, let us break it down for you....

Imagine sending 1,000,000 post cards to 1,000,000 people 1 time. You will have a return or ROI of .02%. Now instead, send 100,000 post cards to 100,000 people 10 times. You're spending the same money, but you're reaching those people 10 times. It usually will take somebody 3 to 5 times seeing your business to recognize you, which in turn provides a return or ROI of about 2%. It doesn't seem like much if your average transaction in $10.00. But, if you make several hundred or thousand dollars per transaction, those numbers add up. 

Now, lets talks about 52 Videos over 52 weeks.

What we do... Quinn will come out to your business and shoot 52 Did You Know videos with you, recommending the community to check out your business. Videos are usually about 45 seconds long. Then, each Monday night each week for 52 weeks, he releases a video onto social media linking to your business. What ends up happening is people will watch the first video and take interest going to your website to see what you're all about. The following week, another video is released and same thing happens. By week 4, 5, 6 you will see better search results, social media response, interaction with your clients, referrals, return business and better leads.

how does it work?

It's all about frequency and reach. How many people can you reach and how many times can you reach them? We will tag you in those videos, which will be seen by your "circle"...your friends and family. Each time one of those people LIKE, COMMENT or SHARE that content, now all of their friends and family see that content and so on. Quinn has a network of about 25,000 people in the community. Your content is immediately seen by those people in the community when those videos are released each week.


One of the most important aspects of marketing is getting people TO YOU and KEEPING them... It's easy to get somebody to your page, but keeping them there is where businesses struggle. Again, Quinn has designed the solution. Each week when the videos are released, Quinn invites "X Number" of people in the community to your page to LIKE and FOLLOW your page. Each week, your following grows expanding the amount of people taking interest in your business. Analytics are provided each week and updated "publicly" so anybody and everybody is seeing how your business is growing. Those analytics can be seen at the bottom of every page on our website.


If anybody knows Quinn, he is about one thing, results. He guarantees results because his model has been proven over and over with the successes of every business that comes into the equation. Quinn currently represents about 180 businesses in the Sacramento region and a dozen more nationally. 

Using this model, over the course of a year, you will have 50,000 to 100,000 more people looking at your business. These numbers equate to a simple x=x=x=x philosophy. 

Traffic = Leads = Prospects = Sold Deals.

Every single client we use this model on has seen significant improvement in their business. Don't believe us, ask them... Their contact information is all over our website.


Quinn has a very simple concept when it comes to price. Value = Value. We aren't getting rich getting you in the door once and sending you on your way like most businesses these days. We take care of our clients which is why we have an impeccable reputation for quality and success. 

$1599.00 year.

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