Name of Band: Unlicensed Therapy

What is the meaning of the band name?: All of us work high stress jobs. Music is our therapy and we share this releasee with everyone! Unlicensed Therapy cannot prescribe anything medical but we are your prescription to ROCK!

Who are the band members and what roles do they play in the band?: Dana is the lead singer. Her credentials include singing the National Anthem at a San Francisco Giant game! Her singing often stops the audience in their tracks!
Jeff plays bass guitar and sings lead and backup vocals.
Chris is the drummer and manages lighting for the group.
Paul is the lead guitarist, as well as a lead and backup vocalist.
Fred plays keyboards, sings lead and backup vocals.

How long has the band been together and how did everybody come together?: The band has been together for n.early 10 active years. The founding members met through Skip's Music in Sacramento and grew to their present form.

What genre is your music and what are your major musical influences?: Given the spread in age, Unlicensed Therapy's genre can best be described as "Rock Music From The 60s to Current." Everrything from Led Zepellin to Britney Spears to Motley Crue to Lady Gaga! We like to see our audiences dance!... and they do!

How did you get your start in music?: We are all self-taught and learned from experience in many bands.

What's next for the band?: We are in the process of updating our music to be sure we stay current. One of our newer songs; Shallow by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, won a Grammy long after we were playing it to our audiences.

Where can the audience find your music?: We play all over the Sacramento area. Three of our favorite places are Jan's Lounge, the Folsom Hotel, and the Brickyard in Roseville. Check out and our Facebook page for our latest activity.