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 premiers sept 11, 2019 on spotify

the thin blue line is a show giving our law enforcement the voice they’ve never had in the media until now. our law enforcement are people. they are mothers and fathers, sisters and daughters, brothers and sons with one mission in common… to make a difference in our communities.

the world we live in today is making their mission more and more difficult as media continues to paint a negative picture. this gives our law enforcement the disadvantage creating a gap between good and evil. Our men and women in blue are here to protect our communities but instead are finding it difficult to protect themselves, in turn creating an increase in violence in our communities.

the thin blue line is here to create change. As a national broadcast on spotify, among other streaming networks, our law enforcement will join us to talk about topics such as life, love, kids, their passion, their mission and of course what drives them. join us each week to hear their story and hear from the families of fallen officers.

this is the thin blue line and this is where the blue have a voice.

advertising opportunities available

sponsor package
($1000 / 10 episodes)


  • Name Mention at Start of Segment during Broadcast

  • Included in 10 Episodes

  • Streams on Spotify

  • commemorating plaque

  • airs indefinitely

commercial package
($500 / 10 episodes)


  • 30-second commercial during broadcast

  • airs indefinitely

  • Streams on Spotify

  • 2 commercials per episode


100% of revenue from the thin blue line supports nccsa

The National Center For Child Safety and Awareness is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides families and communities with the resources to teach their children in a fun positive way how to avoid becoming the victim of an abduction, molestation, sex trafficking, and other crimes against children.  


In 1997 while working as a police sergeant, Steve Adams (Co-Founder of The Thin Blue Line) saw firsthand the problems our children face daily.  These problems ranged from sexual abuse, abduction, physical abuse, molestation, internet crimes and other crimes against our children.  Helping children and keeping them safe was of the utmost importance to Steve .  In 2000 he created the National Center For Child Safety and Awareness (NCCSA).  The focus of the NCCSA is to provide seminars for children, parents, churches, schools, and law enforcement in a variety of safety and awareness areas.  These seminars teach the skills necessary to help prevent an abduction, molestation, sex trafficking, and other crimes against children.  All seminars are positive, fun, and educational, but not frightening.