Name of Band: The Deviant Strays

What is the meaning of the band name?: Our name came from the fact that we are just a bunch of rebellious mutts who have no set place to call their home

Who are the band members and what roles do they play in the band?: Chief Punch- Leader, singer
David- Back up vocals, Ukulele, and congos
Kai, Keyboarder, and back up vocals

How long has the band been together and how did everybody come together?: About a year. we all met at an open mic. we heard each other play and, almost in sync, asked to connect and see where it went.

What genre is your music and what are your major musical influences?: We touch a little of everything, or at least try to. our influences draw from our choir participation, and one members playing in a church band.

How did you get your start in music?: we all had a love of it from a very young age. it started off with just having a little hum while walking down the street, to seeing others play in open mic events, to actually doing it ourselves and feeling the rush that comes fro seeing the enjoyment people gt from our performance

What's next for the band?: We are hoping to grow and get a few more members, and hopefully get more gigs

Where can the audience find your music?: Coming soon on our website