Monday 10p | Body by Vlad Show
(Starring: Vlad Telelyuev & Jon Robert Quinn) 

Vlad Telelyuev and Jon Robert Quinn discuss the easy steps to get healthy and fit by using proper diet and exercise. Learn more at:

Tuesday 10p | Your Perfect Home
(Starring: C. Ray Brower & Jon Robert Quinn)

C. Ray Brower and Jon Robert Quinn discuss how easy it is to get into your next home. Even in a tough real estate market, C. Ray has tools you can use to make the process almost seamless. Learn more at:

Wednesday 10p | get detoxinated
(Starring: daniel root & Jon Robert Quinn)

Daniel Root and Jon Robert Quinn discuss how to naturally reduce the daily toxins in your body. Daniel's system will help you become healthier and more productive. Learn more at:

Thursday 10p | Investor Profits Now
(Starring: Frank Verni & Jon Robert Quinn)

Frank Verni and Jon Robert Quinn discuss the steps you need to take to become a profitable and experienced Real Estate Investor. Frank's team and training are here to help you every step of way in becoming a sophisticated investor. Learn more at:

Friday 10p | The Jon Robert Quinn Show
(Showcasing Local Business)

Voted #1 FM Radio in 2016, #3 in 2017 and #4 in 2018, The Jon Robert Quinn Show (formerly: The Good Life Show) showcases local business. From Real Estate to Authors, Jon Robert Quinn interviews guests giving them a stage and platform to reach a wider audience and grow their book of business. Learn more at:

Saturday 10p | Why Pay Six Percent
(Starring: George Romonsky & Jon Robert Quinn

George Romonsky and Jon Robert Quinn discuss how home sellers don't need to pay a 5% or 6% commission to sell their home. For almost two decades, George Romonsky has helped countless homeowners sell their homes for 1%. Learn more at:

Sunday 10p | License to Kill with Pest Control Center
(Starring: Steve Scoville & Jon Robert Quinn

President of Pest Control Center, Steve Scoville and Jon Robert Quinn discuss how Pest Control Center has helped residents and businesses in the Sacramento region free their property of unwanted pests for over 25 years. Learn more at:

Monday 11p | Real Estate Investor Weekly
(Starring: Michael Nerby & Jon Robert Quinn)

Michael Nerby and Jon Robert Quinn discuss how easy it is to get into real estate. Whether you want the hand-on approach where you're a part of the real estate transaction every step of the way or you want the hands-off approach where you're a silent investor, The Nerby Group is here to help. Learn more at:

Wednesday 11p | Women's Wealth Warrior
(Starring: Cherry Frame & Jon Robert Quinn)

Cherry Frame and Jon Robert Quinn discuss how you can improve your financial future through the many different investment vehicles available today. Her knowledge and passion for retirement will give you the insight on what investment is best for you and your portfolio. Learn more at: