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Jon Robert Quinn

When I got into the mortgage business in 2014, I never knew how much my experience would affect my future. After leaving the mortgage business after a couple short years to build talk shows, we found that nearly 80% of the people I would be interviewing on these shows were in real estate in one form or another. After interviewing literally hundreds of real estate professionals, it dawned on me that there were a lot of misinformed people out there in our communities needing help, either in pre-foreclosure or just wanting to get into their first home.

With nearly 33,000 Realtors in the Sacramento community, I knew that being a Realtor wouldn’t give my organization the tools and opportunities it needs to make a difference. One of the people I have grown very fond of by watching him work and help the community is Frank Verni, a 30+ year real estate veteran that has experience as a lender, a Realtor as well as an investor. After sitting down for many hours and discussing how we could help each other, it made perfect sense for me to join his organization as a facilitator bringing people in our community together to help those in need.

With my network and organization, it makes perfect sense for Jon Robert Quinn Productions to bring sellers to investors, investors to private-lenders, lenders to buyers, and contractors to investors. If you have ever wanted to get into real estate as an investor but didn’t have the tools or support or even know where to start, call me today and join our team.

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