Be Original

by Jon Robert Quinn

For your company to be successful, you must be original. You must think differently and open your mind to change. Being original entails thinking of new creative ways to accomplish challenges and building structure.

Originality means taking your craziest and wildest ideas and finding ways to make them work using your skills and tools. I love throwing ideas off people and getting their feedback. A lot of times, my ideas are so wild I just get a blank stare. I had an idea the other day for this community portal with marketplace, shopping, restaurants, community forum and business contacts for entrepreneurs in the community and the “suits” didn’t understand why we would need something like this. The issue with this is because the area is booming and you’ve got to be ahead of the curve.

Once something like this is created by somebody else, there won’t be much need for two of them. So, the one who gets there first wins and takes control of the marketing revenue from all of those businesses.  I will probably move forward with the concept and then sell them the licensing rights once the platform is created. This is innovative thinking and the monthly or annual advertising revenue creates another asset for me.

Justin Bieber was original when it came to his hairstyle. Baskin Robbins was original by offering thirty-one flavors. Dodge was original by offering the Hemi. How are you or can you be different? When designing your business model, set yourself apart from the competition. Look at the issues in this world. It’s a beautiful place is slow and look around you. But there are plenty of things that can use improvement and your talent set can provide a ton of value to those around you.

Step One: Your product or service. Has anybody done it before you? If so, how can you make it better? If you cannot find a way to make it better, no matter how much you market the idea, it will always be second best. First, you need to find a want and need. If you have neither, then you have no market. Once you find the want and need, who is your targeted market? Try your product in other markets too. You’ll be surprised at what you may find. When Honda released the Element SUV and marketed it to teens and young adults, they found that it wasn’t the young adults buying and driving. Instead, it was the older crowd that found the Honda Element appealing.

Step Two: Your name. Is your name creative? Something memorable is key. Take your business name ideas and create a poll with some of your closest friends and family. Naming is important to the success of your brand or product, but remember, the decision is ultimately yours. If you don’t have an emotional connection to it, don’t use it.

Step Three: Marketing. Being original is very important when marketing a product or service. Maybe take the product and make it into a song or endorse a local charity or celebrity or restaurant to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

One thing I have done to be creative is, when I come up with something crazy, that I feel is genius, I present the idea to family or customers. If they say, “Hmmm, that might work”, it’s usually not as good as it could be. When I present an idea and they laugh at how ridiculous it is, I know I am onto something. Remember one thing. When you’re onto something big, think bigger. I like to sit down and work out all the kinks, numbers, plans and if it works on paper, I run with it.

Take your business or service and think of ways you can be original. An example of a business I have come across lately that is completely original is All Area Real Estate. George Romonsky, a real estate broker in the local community and host of The Why Pay Six Percent Show, has built a real estate model only charging the seller 1% to sell their home. Other agents in the area think he’s crazy. Heck, even I have called him out, but in the end, he’s selling more homes than the average agent. The public is happy with his product and his business thriving even when the markets are shifting for other agents. This is an example of innovation and creating a model that is original.

Now it’s your turn. How are you going to build an innovative and original business?