Name of Band: Aurora Beam

What is the meaning of the band name?: It's a Pokémon move.

Who are the band members and what roles do they play in the band?: We are a two piece band. Mario Sanchez plays guitar and Shane Luevano plays drums.

How long has the band been together and how did everybody come together?: In July we will be together for 3 years. This band formed from a long friendship and musicianship. Mario and I had been in serval other bands together.

What genre is your music and what are your major musical influences?: We categorize this band as "Jazz Punk". There's elements from both genres. Our major influences are The Mars Volta, Dance Gavin Dance, Tera Melos, and The Fall of Troy

How did you get your start in music?: I started playing drums at the age of 16 while Mario got into guitar earlier than that.

What's next for the band?: We are in the process of writing a new record. We're playing as much shows as possible this year and possibly fitting in a mini somewhere a long the time.

Where can the audience find your music?: