Name of Band: Alex Carlin Band

What is the meaning of the band name?: The band is named after Alex. Alex Carlin is the guy who writes the songs.

Who are the band members and what roles do they play in the band?: There is Alex who sings and plays guitar. He is also an accomplished classical pianist. He plays organ. There are two other guys who play bass and drums.

How long has the band been together and how did everybody come together?: Alex has been around for a long time, he was in a band called Psycotic Pineapple.

What genre is your music and what are your major musical influences?: Rock

How did you get your start in music?: What kind of question is that? I thought you wanted an interview. I am a writer, I did interviewed Alex. He is super interesting.

What's next for the band?: Alex is touring Eastern Europe as a trio. They take a train.

Where can the audience find your music?: Alex Carlin Band, Youtube.